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BONDAID-S is a bonding agent based on synthetic latex and other chemical additives. BONDAID-S is an admixture used in mortars and concrete to achieve high strength, chemical resistance and improve adhesion and waterproofing properties. It may be safely used under humid conditions or in areas subject to continuous and/or alternative wetting and drying.

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  • BONDAID-S is used in preparation of:
  • Abrasion resistant, dustproof and mild chemical resistant screeds and floor toppings.
  • Water and weatherproof rendering.
  • Waterproof mortar for basements; lift shafts, cooling towers, swimming pools and other water retaining structures.
  • Repair of spoiled concrete and precast slabs


  • Increases compressive, flexural and tensile strength of mortar and screeds.
  • Reduces shrinkage in cementitious systems.
  • Adheres well to concrete, wood, expanded and extruded polystyrene and other common building materials.
  • Resistant to mild chemicals and mineral oils.
  • Highly resistant to water penetration.

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