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ECOSHIELD is a high build acrylic polymer based elastromic coating. the dry film of ECOSHIELD posesses superior phycical properties. the dry membraine is water tight , seamless,durable, tough, and higly flexible with long term weather resistant,particularly suitable for waterproofing of roofs,wet ares such as kitchens,bathrooms, etc.ECOSHIELD utilises the altest in acrylic polymerisation technology to perform UV resistant and ‘breathable’ vapour barrier membrane with excellent durability ion harsh/hot Middle East climatic condition. ECOSHIELD coating is safe for pedestrian traffic and available in white and grey colour.

Other information


ECOSHIELD is used as aliquid waterproof membrane. The product is especially developed for giving an elastomeric, monolithic seal, covering unformly uneven profiles and protection of the substrate. ECOSHIELD provides protection against weathering, ageing and ultra violet radiation.


  • Single component rready to use.
  • Available in different colours on request.
  • Formulated to withstand harsh Middle East climate.
  • Protect and waterproof various substrates.
  • Permanently flexible and UV resistant
  • Non flammable temperature from -5 C to 100 C

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