FLEXKOTE is a thixotropic; cold applied high build bitumen based coating. The dry film of FLEXKOTE provides a watertight barrier, which is highly resistant to chlorides and sulphates present in the soil. FLEXKOTE is ideal for the DIY market due to its ease of application.


Waterproofing/damp proofing of most porous substrates. Protection of foundations. Waterproofing of basements, kitchens, bathrooms, balconies and building façade. Vapor barrier, Damp proof membrane in sandwich panel construction. Repair and restoration of leaking roofs etc.

Other information


  • Single component-ready to use.
  • Cold applied.
  • Easy to apply even on vertical surfaces.
  • Resistant to creep up to 100 0C adhesive
  • Flexible, Seamless, Odorless
  • Applicable on damp surfaces


  • Clean the substrates of any protrusions or substances that may damage the coating. Ensure all the surfaces are free from dirt, dust, grease, mould oil and curing compounds and any other loose contaminating materials.
  • Ensure to fill all voids, cracks, edges and angles with suitable repair materials like FALCON’S ULTRAPATCH-522 or ULTRAFINISH-312 so that the prepared surface is sound, even and clean

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