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ULTRAFLEX-2K is two-component flexible cementitious water proofing slurry. On curing ULTRAFLEX-2K produces a strong, highly flexible and impervious film which bonds strongly to concrete, masonry and other substrates including Aerated light weight concrete blocks. ULTRAFLEX-2K is used for waterproofing of wet areas, water tanks, swimming pools and building facades. It provides a fully bonded and monolithic surface without joints. The product is chemically resistant against Chloride & Sulphate ions.

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ULTRAFLEX-2K is highly recommended for sealing/water proofing applications in different areas of buildings e.g. Foundations, basement, wet areas (Kitchen, bathroom & Balconies) also for roof and building facades.
ULTRAFLEX-2K is also recommended for application in water retaining structures like swimming pools and water tanks. Besides the waterproofing applications tions in the above-mentioned areas ULTRAFLEX-2K also provides an excellent barrier against ingress of moisture to protect Marble, Granite and other porous materials to avoid staining.


  • Excellent waterproofing for water retaining structures.
  • UV resistant
  • Non toxic and non hazardous
  • Compatible with cement based tiling adhesive
  • Highly flexible yet strong
  • The film has breathable characteristics
  • Applicable on damp surfaces
  • Anti carbonation protection
  • Highly resistant to Foot traffic

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