OverVoltage & BrownOut Protector

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  • Power plug Schuko input CEE 7/7
  • Quality Europe Schuko socket CEE 7/4 IP44 protected
  • Bright 3×7 leds Display that can be seen in the darkness.
  • High power, flexible, rubber input cable H07RN-E 3G2,5mm2 450/750V 2.1m x 3 x 2.5mm2

Other information

                                  OVERCONTROL 400
  Nominal Operation Voltaje V     230 50Hz-400Hz
  Nominal amperage Amp     16
  Maximum amperage Amp     40
  Protection range, adjustable V     LO: 140-240, HI: 240-300
  Protection range, compulsory       Por encima de 300V, 50Hz-400Hz
  Nominal consumption of product W     50
  Nominal efficiency of product %     99,98
  Solid/líquid protection       IP20
  Display       3 dígitos led alta luminosidad
  Precision on Display %     +/- 4
  Dimensions cm     11.3x12x14
  Weight Kg     1.6



  • Total protection against surges, gaps, interruptions and voltage drops in public supply networks of 230V and in autonomous electric generators.
  • When a disturbance is detected Overcontrol protects the connected equipment cutting to him the electrical supply. After a minimum warning time of 2 seconds or when the danger ceases Overcontrol reconnects the equipment.
  • Protection voltage levels are adjustable by user by two regulators, one for highs and another for lows. Adjustable levels are for long duration disturbances (more than 0.02 seconds) bellows 300V. For more than 300V disturbances the protection is compulsory and immediate.
  • Users can choice the best compromise between safety and comfort as conditions vary. Selectable low cut level is from 140 to 240. Selectable high cut level is 240 to 300.
  • Use position mark as a switch and pre-set optimum control marks for protection of arc welding equipment with inverter power source (W positions).
  • The two poles (phase and neutral) are disconnected instead of a single pole to ensure true and safe disconnection of the equipment.
  • Cutting of supply without mechanical contact (without relays) of maximum speed and safety. No slow contacts, no sparks and no wear.
  • Generous dimensioning of components. Powerful: circuit capable of controlling 40 amps RMS (9KVA) on PCB.
  • Intelligent control by microprocessor and display of high luminosity indicator of alarms and of real tension at the entrance (useful to analyze falls by consumption and browouts).