Potenza TIG 170 HF K

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  • Mains input cable. Pure copper.
  • Electrode clamp and cable.Pure copper.
  • Ground clamp and cable. Pure copper.
  • TIG Torch. Pure copper.

Other information

                                     POTENZA TIG 170 HF K
  Current A     170
  Electrode mm     4
  Weight Kg     5
  No load voltage V     230
  Generator KVA     5
  Dimensions Cm     32/42x14x30



  • HF Tig and MMA rod welding machine.
  • Ready for welding with all kind of electrode, including basic, rutile, Inox, cellulosic and cast.
  • Ready for TIG welding using tungsten electrode in inert gas atmosphere. Clean arc start by professional no contact high frecuency arc start.
  • Suitable for all types of work light and medium maintenance and construction in the required weld quality and maximum ease of use.
  • Unmatched performance in its price: 170 A at 60% duty cycle with 78 Vdc no load voltage.
  • Easy welding, even for no experience users.
  • Ready for all kind of stabilized generators: condenser, AVT and Inverter systems.
  • Highest quality components, including 600V IGBT conmutator & rectifiers and high-end current mode modulator UC3846.
  • Maximum power density: Lightest equipment in its category with only 5 Kg.