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THOR MIG Welding equipment extends India’s most advanced range of MIG / MAG Welding Systems into thin and medium applications,very useful for stainless steel and aluminium welding, 250 and 400 amps for heavy duty works, system designed to weld at costs far lower than conventional methods.

Other information


  • THOR MIG Series Power Sources are real Work Horse with MTBF
  • Pre-selection of OCV and Gas Flow Rate
  • Smooth, Spatter free CO2,MIG/mag welding
  • Excellent quality with Solid/Flux Cored/SS/Aluminum Wire
  • Specially designed to work in Indian extreme environment and terrain work conditins.
  • Protection against Thermal Overload
  • Maintenance Free and weld safe rugged outfit.
  • Ready to use package – Supplied with sturdy gun (3 mtr long),2/4 roll Drive Feeder and all accessories.
  • Heavy duty, Light Weight, flexible cable, Gas/Water Cooled Torch.
  • Unmatched welding perfomance.
  • Reliable wire feed controller can be supplied with 5/10/15 mtr long interconnection cable for better accessibility at long distance welding point.