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MA welding (metal arc) does not require shielding gas; protection for the weld pool comes from the electrode cover which melts during welding, and forms a protective layer of slag on the weld pool.It is the oldest and still the most commonly used arc welding process, although the proportion of MMA use is decreasing as gas-shielded welding process is becoming more popular.MMA welding is, however, an irreplacable method for instace when that electrodes can be bought everywhere, also in small package.


Other information


  • Good arc starting, stong anti-interference capability.
  • Stable arc, little spatter.
  • High welding quality , deep molten pool and strong strength.
  • Automatic protection for over-voltage and over-current
  • Stable performance, and balancing voltage fluctuation automatically
  • Suitable for various acid and alkaline welding rods
  • Superb Welding Perfomance.
  • Reliable and Tropical Design
  • Widely used in high-altitude operation, fieldwork, decoration industry and welding of metals/alluminium.