Thor TIG

Home Welding Thor TIG

Alternating Current to weld Aluminum, Magnesium and Rutile Electrodes. Continuous regulation of welding current. Low Spatter and High Performance. Built in function for high Quality TIG Welding. Down Slope time control from smooth and perfect finish of Welding. Inclusive HF Unit High Frequency Generator for arc striking without contact. Gas Pre/Post flaw to eliminate contamination of the weld.

Other information

Light weight and compact transformers with robust construction
– Ideal choice for site usage

  • Natural air cooled transformers – coils designed for natural air cooling which eliminates the use of fan and thus risk of coilburning whenever fan fails
  • Specially designed transformer coils with minimum joints and better interlayer insulation -eliminates the coil failure and enhances service life of transformer
  • Stepless, infinitely variable current adjustment through sturdy and smooth moving core mechanism
  • Stepless, smooth and infinitely variable current adjustment possible even while welding is in progress


  • Ensures the fine control of welding current to minimise the heat input to the job which reduces
    the HAZ
  • Dynamic output characteristics ensures smooth and uninterrupted arc resulting excellent welding performance througout the entire welding range
  • Provided with input power ON-OFF switch
  • Welder friendly usage – easy to operate since all controls like ON