Home Welding TIG DC 200HF


  • Pure copper power cable
  • Pure copper land cable with clamps
  • Pure copper electrode holder cable
  • TIG Torch with four nozzles (4, 5, 6 and 7)
  • 3 electrode holders (1.0, 2.4, y 3.2mm2)
  • 2 electrode caps (largo y corto)

Other information

                                     T100.20H / TIG DC 200HF
  Power A     200
  Electrode mm     1 – 3.2 / 6
  Weight Kg     14
  Generator KVA     6
  Size cm     18x41x29



  • Robust, heavy duty service HF TIG welders for all low and high carbon steels, inox, aluminium and alloys quality welding. Includes covered electrode mma mode.
  • Full metal reinforced, sturdy double structure for heavy duty use. Oversized parts: Parallel bridges and relays, power capacitors and IGBTS switchers, center tap high power transformers, industrial and militar sized components and high amperage switches. Cast frame, full metal oversized fans.
  • HF-HV, High Frecuency – High Voltage arc start with well tested, professional controls by easy setup of imposed amps with fine low end, gas postflows, optional 2T/4T procedures for high productivity job.
  • MMA Rod mode includes professional hot start, adaptative arc force and anti-stick facilities for easy burn a cold electrode, always mantain arc continuity and security when a electrode stucks.
  • Generator friendly: up to 17 up or down voltages perturbation withstands.